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Photographs of the School

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The modern Royal Grammar School

I lifted this from the official RGS site without permission so I am risking the slipper if anyone notices it's missing.
I must say I am pretty unimpressed with what they have done to the old school. I don't mind the replica Dartmoor prison on the playing field but what I do think is horrible is the factory entrance in front of the school.
Whoever planned that monstrosity had no idea of tradition or aesthetics.

Contrast this with the pictures opposite. What do you think?





The school circa 1951

This picture was scanned from a postcard owned by Brian Veale from 1951. Notice that the Canteen is missing so the postcard must be pre 1951. Incidentally a hot dinner was provided for day boys at a charge of seven pence per day

This photo below appeared in the Wycombiensian1952. A bit different from today's view!

The school circa 1915

And here's an even earlier picture also sent in by Brian. who writes:
Apparently this was the original "new" building in Amersham Road which was opened formally on 15 July 1915 although it had been in use for a term.
According to the book (High Wycombe Revisited by Coliin J Seabright - ISBN 0-7524-3678-3) the photograph was on a postcard published a few years later.
A second photograph in the book shows the school as we knew it complete with the wings which it says were added in the thirties. It made the point that these additions were in keeping with the style of the original building whereas the additions in the 1960s were utilitarian and hid the original building completely.


Photos of Uplyme.


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