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The Forum

 8th August 2009 RGS Old Photo Forum

Myself and John Saunders have set up a new online forum where Old Wycombiensians can discuss the old RGS school photos (and generally reminisce).

Tony and John at a secret location (ok, it's Torquay) August 7th 2009.

You can visit the forum at  http://www.rgs.saund.co.uk/bb/

About nine years ago I set up this website to display my copy of the 1956 School Photograph. Later following inputs from OBs this expanded to include school photos for other years in the 1950s (and later the 1940s) as well as other school memorabilia. One of the contributors (John Saunders, RGS 1963-70) thought it was a good idea so, with my encouragement, followed my lead and set up a splendid website (http://www.rgs.saund.co.uk/) to display photos from 1958 to 1967.

Early viewers of my website might remember the successful Forum we had going for some time until it got trashed by juveniles following the TV series featuring the school.
Recently a group of OBs (now known as the 49ers) have been having great email conversations with each other. John and I thought it would be a good idea to resurrect the forum so the 49ers and all the other contributors to our websites could chat with each other openly (or privately – there is a private message facility) about all things RGS to their hearts’ content.

John has taken the lead in setting up and hosting the Forum on his website. John is configuring it so that we won’t have the same problem I had on my earlier forum.

John and I are acting as site administrators, so if you have any questions, queries or suggestions, please get in touch with one of us. If you visit the forum, you will find it has some helpful advice posted on how to register, etc.

You can read any of the threads and comments at the forum without having to register, but in order to post comments, you will need to register under your normal name (forename/nickname plus surname, please). This is a pretty straightforward operation which won’t cost you any time or money (any problems, consult us), and we won’t pass your email addresses or details on to anybody else.


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