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1968 Mikado

(From the Programme owned by David Boobier, Flyer, Ticket, photos and review from Bill Barksfield with comment from John Peatey)

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The Cover

The Cast

The Orchestra




The newspaper clipping is from the mid-week FREE PRESS December 18 1968 A snotty review, but then, they always were - if the production was mentioned at all! (Bill Barksfield)


John Peatey (1968 - 1973) has this to say:-

I was Yum Yum in the 1968 production of The Mikado, the last production under the excellent musical direction of ‘Jack’ Dawes. The set production was carried out under the auspices of a rather colourful art master by the name of Dennis Smith as I remember. The report in the BFP featured on your website is somewhat less than complimentary with regards to my acting abilities, but I remember thinking at the time, “What should I care about the thoughts of a hack newspaper reporter who can’t even get my name right?”


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