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Ian Clark

In the latest edition of the OW Newsletter Ian announced his retirement as Editor of the official OW website

Ian Clark

Ian wrote in the Newsletter:-


It is has been a great pleasure to me over the last 10 years to be in email contact with a good number of OWs, meet OWs at Dinners and other Reunions and give some OWs tours round the School buildings.
It has been great to see the number of OWs we are in contact with grow from 1200 to over 3,000, and to see the development of some sporting reunions.

I have decided it is time, after publishing 50 newsletters on the website, and sending out a good number of newsemails, to call it a day.

I am sure that Monika and Isabella, who work at the RGS, will keep you wellinformed of all the OW & RGS events and that the OWs will go from strength to
strength. I do thank Martin Berry for all his wonderful work on the website, David Stone and Robin Dorkings, who run the golf and hockey events, Tony Hare and John Saunders, who run their own OW websites and to others of you who have regularly sent in your own contributions to the website. Many, many thanks!

May I wish you all individually much, much happiness in the years that lie ahead!
Ian Clark

I am very sorry to see Ian stepping down from this post after so many years and I thank him very much for all the help he has given me towards this my own website
His will be a difficult act to follow, but I wish Monika and Isabella every success in continuing Ian's work for us "old boys"

Tony Hare

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